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Austin takes his inspiration for travel from a constant quest for novelty, and a preference for doing things differently. At age 18, with a small amount of money from savings and summer jobs, he set out on 13 consecutive months of overland travel, deliberately alone, to parts of the world less frequented by  the "travel set".  He visited twenty-nine countries in Central Asia, the Middle East, southern and eastern Africa, but unfortunately this was before the age of digital photography. 

At the beginning he was fascinated by the relics of failed industry, and inspired particularly by barren landscapes, but changed his outlook when seeing first-hand the implications of those conditions for the people living in them.

One of his formative experiences was visiting Pushkar camel fair in India, and being horrified by the behaviour of photographers shoving huge zoom lenses in people's faces.  His cardinal rule for taking photographs is to respect the subject, and where possible he sends copies of his photographs to the people in them.
Turkey - Ani (Kars province / Western Armenia):  Armenian Church split in two by a lightning (photo by A.Kilroy)
Azerbaijan - Sheki: window - stained glass work known as 'shebeke / shabaka' - the Khan's palace (photo by A.Kilroy)
Georgia - Sighnaghi: Stalin statue superimposed on the names of some of the Great Patriotic War dead -  eastern Georgia (photo by Austin Kilroy)
Armenia - Yerevan / Erevan: Armenian Genocide memorial - eternal flame (photo by Austin Kilroy)
Tuscany / Toscana:  Vernazza village: viewed from the Cinque Terre walking trail (photo by Austin Kilroy)
Russia - Kyzyl (Tuva / Tyva republic): children riding a Bactrian camel  in the central square (photo by A.Kilroy)

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photographer Austin Kilroy in the Caucasus - Georgian Military Highway
Photographer Austin Kilroy in the Georgian Military Highway

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