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Eric Petitalot - Professional Profile

Eric Petitalot travels around the world for 20 years. 

Adventurer-Traveller-photographer-writer, he never stops playing with altitude and latitude, particularly when he does lonesome expeditions in Himalaya, Alaska or Patagonia.

During those travelling in Asia and many others countries, he discovers cultures and civilisations, towns and landscapes.

Pens and Nikon are inseparable «travelling friends» to register and explain the reality of our world.

Ten years ago, after many time spent in Nepal, he founded a NGO: Namaste association, to support health and education in remote areas of this country.

The miser altitude in oxygen of Himalaya, the ascetic solitude of Alaska, the amazing scenes of towns in the world and the smiling faces of Nepali children he helps are the main parts of the life of Eric Petitalot. 

India - Gujarat, India: Harijan girl with her typical jewels and clothes - photo by E.Petitalot
Eritrea - Massawa, Northern Red Sea region: sunset on the old Massawa harbour - photo by E.Petitalot
Laos: peasant women planting rice - agriculture - photo by E.Petitalot
Nepal - Langtang region - corn stocked in a big basket  - photo by E.Petitalot
Brooks range, Alaska: Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve - Arctic village - a young Athabaskan girl with a traditional costume - photo by E.Petitalot
Kazakhstan - Almaty oblys: Kazakh girl wearing a red dress - photo by E.Petitalot
India: colorful clothes of an Indian woman - photo by Eric Petitalot
Eritrea - Asmara / Asmera: minaret detail - crescent and star - symbols of Islam - photo by E.Petitalot
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Eric Petitalot

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