images of Guinea Conakry
Guinea / Guiné Conakry / Gvineja / Guineya / Gwinea / Gvinea / Guineea / Guinée - flag images of
Conakry: the main mosque - Grand Mosque / Grande Mosquée (photo by Bernard Cloutier) Conakry: the Grand Mosque,  built by Sékou Touré, paid by King Fahd of Saudi Arabia Conakry / CKY : fire dancers (photo by Bernard Cloutier) Conakry: fire dancers performing at the "Papillon"
Conakry: pension Doherty (photo by Bernard Cloutier) Conakry: staying at pension Doherty
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credits: all photos © by B.Cloutier
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Guinea - west African state - formerly  a French colony - capital: Conakry
see also:  Ivory Coast / Cote d'Ivoire, Cape Verde, Liberia, Mali, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Tunisia, Egypt, France, Senegal, Africa
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images of Guinea Conakry