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After visiting Djenne in Mali, Nacho wrote in his travel diary "In the west we have restricted life by through motorways, electric light, police, interdictions, public powers, transportation, medicine, steel doors. In Africa life explodes anywhere, there is no difference between public and private. The houses are always open; people satisfy their physiological needs on a square near a woman selling peanuts while breast feeding her baby, a group of men prays towards Mecca and a truck drives makes an effort to remove from the mud a vehicle that should never entered the market area".

His work reflects a beauty not found in cathedrals or museums but in apparently insignificant and ephemeral day to day actions.
This perspective well exemplified by the plastic bag floating randomly in the air in the film "American Beauty" inspired the title of his latest exhibition "African Beauty", which took place in Madrid, where Nacho was born and is based.

In addition to photography Nacho is a TV and cinema script writer with a vast work in Spain, among others: the serials  "Médico de familia", "Compañeros" and "Policías" as well as the film "No debes estar aquí".
Kampala / EBB / KLA: selling chicken in the outskirts
Munchinson falls
Bobo-Dioulasso Borgo / BOY (Houet province): drum player busking on the street - hands and drums
Dar Es Salaam / Dar-Es-Salaam / DAR: Hadydja - seller of Tinga-Tinga paintings
Brazil / Brasil - Rio de Janeiro: Ipanema beach - Brazilian derrières - girls from Ipanema - photo by N.Cabana
Segou: evening arrives (photo by by Nacho Cabana)


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photographer Nacho Cabana in Africa

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