Airline Blacklist
Before you board your next flight it may be worth to check if the airline you are using has not been blacklisted by civil aviation authorities due to safety concerns. Below you'll find lists of banned airlines.
Banned from France
by the French civil aviation authority (DGAC) 
  • Air Koryo, North Korea
  • Air Saint-Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • International Air Service, Liberia
  • Air Mozambique (LAM), including its subsidiary Transairways
  • Phuket Airlines, Thailand
  • Cameroon Airlines
  • Banned from Belgium
    by Belgium's Transport Ministry
  • Africa Lines, Central African Republic
  • Air Memphis, Egypt
  • Air Van Airlines, Armenia
  • Central Air Express, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • ICTTPW, Libya
  • International Air Tours Ltd., Nigeria
  • Johnsons Air Ltd., Ghana
  • Silverback Cargo Freighters, Rwanda
  • South Airlines, Ukraine
  • Banned from the UK
    by the  Department for Transport
  • Star Air (Sierra Leone)
  • Air Universal (Sierra Leone)
  • Cameroon Airlines
  • Albanian Airlines
  • Central Air Express (DR Congo)
  • Banned from the Switzerland
    by the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA)
  • Flash Airlines (Egypt)
  • Air Van Airlines, Armenia

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    Airlines blacklist - liste noire - Schwarze Liste - lista negra