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Erevan, Yerevan, Jerevan, Eriwan,Iereván, Erywan, Erivan - Armenia / Armenie / Hayastan / Somkheti / Armenien / Armenië / Örmény / Armenija / Ermenistan images of
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Armenia - Yerevan / Erevan / EVN :  Spendiarov Theatre of Opera and Ballet  (architect Alexander Tamanyan - Azatutian square) (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: Spendiarov Theatre of Opera and Ballet - Azatutian square Armenia - Yerevan / Erevan: Armenian Genocide memorial - eternal flame (photo by Austin Kilroy) Yerevan: Armenian Genocide memorial - eternal flame burns for the victims of the Ottomans
Armenia - Yerevan: Republic square (former Lenin square) (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: Soviet Architecture at Republic square Armenia -  Yerevan: Persian Mosque - Gök-Jam - Blue mosque (Mashtots avenue) (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: tiled façade of the Gei Mosque
Armenia -  Yerevan: National Art Gallery (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: National Art Gallery Armenia -  Yerevan: Cathedral of St Gregory the Illuminator (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: Cathedral of St. Gregory the Illuminator
Armenia -  Yerevan: Youth Palace (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: Youth Palace - corn cob building Armenia -  Yerevan: astronomical observatory - telescope - dome (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: astronomical observatory - telescope dome
Armenia - Yerevan: the dry cascade (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: the dry cascade Armenia -  Yerevan: Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, the Matenadaran, named after Mesrob Mashtots (architect Mark Grigoryan) (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: Institute of Ancient Manuscripts - Matenadaran
Armenia -  Yerevan: Komitas Chamber Music Hall (architect Stepan Kyurkchyan) (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: Chamber Music Hall Armenia -  Yerevan: Yeridasartagan metro station (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: Yeridasartagan metro station
Armenia -  Yerevan: at the university (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: at the university Armenia -  Yerevan: Ararat brandy factory - owned by Pernod Ricard (Admiral Isakov avenue) (photo by M.Torres) Yerevan: Ararat cognac factory
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images of Yerevan, Armenia / Hayastan